Beyond the scientific activities, ITC’s scope includes contributions to the respective standardization bodies and standards activities. The following standardization bodies are of particular interest to ITC:

Reports on IRTF activities

Since mid 2012, given the relevance of works at the IRTF to the ITC community scope, the ITC officers appoint an ITC-IRTF liaison to report on IRTF activities.
The current ITC-IRTF liaison is Dimitri Papadimitriou (Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium)

Previous ITC-IRTF liaison:

Event Reports Liaison editor
at IETF 84, Vancouver, Canada, July 2012 2012a Luigi Iannone
at IETF 85, Atlanta, USA, Nov. 2012 2012b Luigi Iannone
at IETF 86, Orlando, USA, March 2013 2013a Luigi Iannone
2013 wrap-up 2013b Luigi Iannone
2014-2015 wrap-up 2015 Luigi Iannone
2016-2017 wrap-up 2017 Dimitri Papadimitriou

If you are active on any of the above described activities, are willing to somehow contribute/participate at the IRTF, or to organize special sessions or workshops at IEEE ComSoc conferences, please get in contact with the ITC-IRTF liaison Dimitri Papadimitriou.


IEEE ComSoc Standards Board

Moreover, the IEEE ComSoc Standards Board provides a general umbrella for such standards related activities. The principal task of the Standards Board is to encourage, nurture, and guide ComSoc standards initiatives and the resulting Working Groups. Please follow the link below for more detailed information.

Previous ComSoc Standards Committee”s ITC representative (2007-2011): Neuman Souza (UFC, Brazil).

Please send corrections and suggestions to the ITC secretary.

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