Membership in the Internet Technical Committee (ITC) gives you the opportunity to network with technical experts on Internet technologies and to contribute to the technical activities of the Internet community.

How to Join?

Joining the Internet Technical Committee is easy – you simply subscribe to ITC’s mailing list. There is no formal application, no membership fee. Just follow the steps outlined below.

IEEE or IEEE Communications Society membership is not required to participate (as a member or as an officer) in the Internet Technical Committee.

Mailing List

The Internet Technical Committee has an unmoderated mailing list. Please check the ITC Mailing List Usage Policy regarding the usage of the mailing list. Material appropriate for the mailing list includes:

  • Announcements of conferences, workshops and call for papers;
  • Technical discussions related to the ITC charter;
  • Issues relating to the role of the Internet and the committee to ComSoc.

Announcements of a commercial or political nature are not appropriate. Follow the instructions below to manage your membership to the ITC mailing list.

Subscribing: send an email to and type “join itc FirstName FamilyName” (with no signature or any other text) in the body of the message
: send an email to and type “leave itc” (with no signature or any other text) in the body of the message
Sending mail to the list
: To send mail to the list, please subscribe, and then address your email message to

Questions or problems: If you have any questions or problems, please contact the ITC officers.

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