The 13th IEEE Global Internet Symposium took place in San Diego, CA on March 19, 2010 in conjunction with INFOCOM 2010.

There were 73 papers submitted to the workshop. This number was more than double than the previous year. The workshop followed a single-blind reviewing process, where the reviewers’ names were not known to the authors, but the authors’ names were visible to the reviewers. Each paper received three reviews from TPC members. With 26 TPC members the review load was on average 7.7 reviews per paper. Reviews were followed up with an online discussion phase. The Chairs then made accept and reject decisions based on the input from reviews and discussions. Due to the large number of paper submissions and the limitation of the workshop to a single day, the decision process was difficult. Preference was given to high quality papers that addressed technical issues at Internet scale. The total number of papers accepted was 16 for a very competitive acceptance ratio of 21.9%.

The majority of authors of submitted papers were affiliated with US and Chinese institutions, followed by authors from institutions in Japan, Germany, Finland, and France. The geographic distribution of the authors of accepted papers followed the distribution of the submissions with the exception of authors from China.

The program of the workshop was organized into four sessions: Future Internet & Publish/Subscribe Systems, Internet Security, Network Measurements, and Interdomain Routing & Traffic. Each 90-minute session contained four paper presentations. To accommodate as large a number of papers as possible, there was no keynote or panel.

The workshop attracted around 40 registered attendees and was the largest workshop at INFOCOM 2010. Most paper presentations were of high quality and created lively discussions among the attendees. This interaction was facilitated in part by strictly limiting presentation times to leave sufficient time for discussion.

Overall, the Chairs consider this instance of Global Internet a successful continuation of this symposium.

[Report submitted by Tilman Wolf and Lars Eggert, Co-Chairs GI 2010, May 7, 2010]