Time: Dec 6, 2016, 12:30 – 2 PM (EDT)

Venue: IEEE GLOBECOM 2016, Washington Hilton DuPont Circle, 1919 Connecticut AVE., NW, Washington, DC, 20009, USA

Room: Fairchild East


Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow), Véronique Vèque (Univ. Paris-Sud), Hossam Afifi (Mines Telecom), Otto Carlos Duarte (Univ. Federal of Rio de Janeiro), Yacine Ghamri (Univ. La Rochelle), Vitor Basbosa Souza (UPC), Ziqian (Cecilia) Dong (NYIT), Roberto Rojas-Cessa (NJIT), Tomaso de Cola (DLR), Aldri Santos (Univ. Federal of Paraná), Dimitri Papadimitriou (Bell Labs), Deep Medhi (University of Missouri-Kansas), Nadjib Aitsaadi (ESIEE Paris), Nirmala Shenoy (Rochester Univ. of Technology), Giuseppe Portaluri (Univ. of Pisa), Valerio Persio (Univ. of Napoli), Yueping Cai (Chongoing Univ.), Hassine Moungle (Paris Decartes Univ.), Ruidong Li (NICT), Leonardo Maccari (Trento Univ.), Csaba Simon (HTE), Marouane Mechtri (Telecom SudParis), Stefano Secci (LIP6 – Université Pierre & Marie Curie), Michele Nogueira (Federal Univ. of Paraná), Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin), Maha Abdallah (LIP6 – Université Pierre & Marie Curie), Luigi Iannone (Telecom ParisTech).


Stefano opened the meeting and presented its agenda.

  1. ITC introduction: Stefano recalled the ITC structure, officers, numbers.
  1. ITC e-meeting (May 27, 2016) minutes: approved.
  1. Report on conference activities
    • Representatives from the conferences (Cecilia, Deep, Maha, Nadjib, Otto, Stefano) and the ITC secretary reported on the activities related to IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium 2016, 2017; IEEE ICC & GLOBECOM 2016, 2017; and recently ITC endorsed conferences: ITC, DRCN, NOF, CIOT, NETGAMES, SARNOFF, NetSys.
    • Global Internet Symposium: the steering committee was renewed, and will be in charge GI’18 and GI’19. It is composed of Jaime Lloret Mauri (UPV); Marcelo Bagnulo Braun (UC3M); Stefan Schmid (Aalborg Univ. & TUB); Stefano Secci (LIP6); Toru Hasegawa (Osaka Univ.), Jun Li (Oregon Univ.). GI’17 will be co-chaired by Radia Perlman and Olaf Maennel, the current deadline being Jan. 9, 2017.
    • Presented the nominations for the ITC representatives for IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 & 2018 and IEEE ICC 2018. More details in the attached presentation.
    • The procedures for ICC/GC nominations as well as ComSoc/ITC Technical Co-­Sponsorship were recalled.
  1. Report on IEEE ComSoc Student Competition
    • Michele reported on the IEEE ComSoc Student Competition, as ITC representative in that committee.
    • Number of eligible submissions: 36 (after removing those from no IEEE ComSoc Student Members).
    • The selection was based on 2 phases.
    • Results:
      • 1st prize went to the project titled: Coopera@ve Networks for Ubiquitous Localiza@on and Naviga@on. Author: Wenhan Dai, Massachuse0s Ins2tute of Technology, USA
      • 2nd prize went to the project titled: RIM: Resilient Informa@on Management System in Network-­‐Isolated Environment after Disasters. Author: Kazuya Anazawa, the University of Aizu, Japan
      • “HONORARY MENTION” CERTIFICATES: 7 other project following the top ranked projects based on the committee members vote.
    • Suggestion from the audience: separate undergraduate student projects from graduate student projects for the sake of fairness.
  1. Report on Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    • Stefano and SIG representatives reported on activities for the SIGs. In particular Stefano presented the new SIG on Traffic Measurement and Analytics (TMA) and related new conference (TMA 2017) and Maha presented the new Network Support for Games (NETGAMES) SIG and related workshop (NETGAMES 2017).
    • Due to redundancy in ComSoC and IEEE level initiatives, the following SIGs were closed in 2016: Cloud Networking and Internet of Things.
    • Call for Special Interest Groups: new SIG proposals are welcome in rising research areas and communities in the scope of ITC. The opportunity to open a new SIG on Internet Security was discussed.
  1. Standards activities
    • Quick report on IEEE ComSoc Standard Board and IRTF activities.
    • The Call for Nominations to ITC-IRTF Liaison is launched with December 31st, 2016, as deadline. A message will be sent by Luigi on the mailing list.
  1. ITC awards: 
    • Deep Medhi reported on ITC Awards.
    • Best paper awards went to:
      • Route Leak Detection Using Real-­‐Time Analytics on local BGP Informa@on, by M. S. Siddiqui, D. Montero, M. Yannuzzi, R. Serral-­‐Gracia, X. Masip-­‐Bruin, W. Ramirez, Globecom 2014.
      • CatalogDynamics: Impact of Content Publishing and Perishing on the Performance of a LRU Cache, by Felipe Olmos, Bruno Kauffmann, Alain Simonian and Yannick Carlinet, 2014 26th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) (NGNI Symposium).
    • The 2016 ITC Outstanding Service Award went to: Joe Touch (ISI).
    • The ITC Early Career Award went to: Stefan Schmidt (Aalborg U & TUB).
  2. IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: Rui Luis Aguiar nominated by ITC and selected by the DL committee. Selection statistics in the attached presentation.
  3. Other business.
    • ITC didn’t go through the recertification process in 2016, based on the new random selection procedure employed by TEAC (Technical and Educational Activity Council).  It will be in 2017 or (at the latest) in 2018.
    • Sub-­TC recertification: some sub-TCs closed, merged or canceled, such as the Cloud Networking one currently under re-chartering.
    • Call for ITC Officers nomination will be disseminated in Summer 2017 and the election will occur in Fall 2017.
  4. Adjourn
    • Next ITC meeting: IEEE ICC 2017, Paris, France

fileicon Find here the presentation of the meeting


(Minutes Taken by M. Nogueira, Secretary, Internet TC)