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  • Status Report:

ITC’s flagship workshop – Global Internet – will continue to be held in conjunction with IEEE Infocom in 2006. It will be held in April 2006 immediately after the IEEE Infocom conference in Barcelona, Spain. It will be co-chaired by Georg Carle and Pablo Rodriguez. The CfP has been distributed and the TPC has been assembled.

ITC has proposed and is organizing a new symposium on “Internet Services and Enabling Technologies” to be held in conjunction with IEEE Globecom 2006. The symposium is co-chaired by Volker Hilt and Anees Shaikh. The TCP is currently being assembled, the CfP has been finalized.

ITC – jointly with the Communications Switching & Routing TC and the Computer Communications TC – has proposed and is organizing a new symposium on “Network Operation and Services” to be held in conjunction with IEEE ICC 2007. The symposium is co-chaired by Burkhard Stiller and Marcus Brunner. The CfP is currently being finalized and the TPC is being assembled.

ITC continues to co-sponsor/endorse a number of Internet-related workshops and meetings, including WICON 2005, ICCCN 2005, and WWIC 2006.

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