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Xiaoming Fu (chair, U. Goettingen, Germany), Jaime Lloret Mauri (vice-chair, UPV, Spain), Periklis Chatzimisios (Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece), Kun Yang (U. Essex, UK), Martin Reed (U. Essex, UK), Joe Touch (ISI, US), Pascal Lorenz (U. Haute Alsace, France), Xavier Misseri (Telecom ParisTech, France), Luis Costa (UFRJ, Brazil), Paulo Gondim (U. Brasilia, Brazil), Joel Rodrigues (IT, Portugal), Lynda Mokdad (UPEC, France), Changcheng Huang (Carleton U., Canada), Deze Zeng, Yonggang Wan (NTU, Singapore), Zuqing Zhu (UST, China), Peng Li (U. Aizu), Kurt Tutschku (U. Vienna, Austria), Wolfgang Kellerer (Docomo Euro-Labs, Germany), Juan Lloret (UPV, Spain), Stefano Secci (secretary, UPMC, France).


1. Welcome: Stefano opened the meeting at 12:10.

2. Approval of minutes: the minutes of the Globecom 2011 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously.

3. Introductions: Jaime recalled the structure of the Internet TC and presented the new appointed roles: Standards Board liaison (Periklis Chatzimisios from Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece), Cloud Communications and Networking Ad-hoc Committee (Dijiang Huang from Arizona State University, USA, and José Maria Alvarez Calero from HP labs, UK), and ITC-ISOC/IRTF liaison (Luigi Iannone from Telecom ParisTech, France). Stefano, Joe and Xiaoming precised the role of the ITC-ISOC/IRTF liaison as well as the boundaries (ITC one-way appointment).

3. Conference status. Synthetic reports on:

  • 2012 IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium: data provided by Joerg and Dan were reviewed as well as the GI’12 report.
  • 2013 IEEE INFOCOM Global Internet Symposium: the co-chairs (Marcelo Bagnulo from UC3M, Spain, and Rod Van Meter from U. Keio, Japan) nominated by the GI Steering Committees were presented by Joe, who also presented the nice location of the 2013 event (Lingotto conference center, Turin) and solicited submissions.
  • NGNI symposium @ ICC’12: Kurt’s details on submissions (180), acceptance (36.1%, lower than global ICC’12) and best paper award were reviewed.
  • NGNI symposium @ GC’12: James’ details on the number of submissions (150) and on-going reviewing process were presented.
  • IEEE ICC’14 nominations: Antonio Pescapé (U. Naples – Federico II, Italy) for NGNI and Periklis Chatzimisios (A. TEI Thessaloniki, Greece) nominations were presented.
  • IEEE GC’14: Stefano solicited nominations for GC’14 symposium co-chair positions (NGNI and CSS). Nominations should be sent to ITC_officers AT as soon as possible.

4. 2012 conference endorsements for TCS. Stefano presented the overall endorsement statistics. A particular attention is devoted to those events whose ITC representatives kindly provided preliminary details by email. In order of event date:

  • ICCCN 2012 (Guevar): July 30 – August 5 @ Munich; 266 submissions, 30% accepted.
  • NGI 2012 (Piotr): June 25-27 @ Karskhrona; 45 submissions, 44% acceptance.
  • ITC 2012 (Jerzy): Sept. 4-7 @ Krakow; 72 submissions, 34% acceptance.
  • CNSM 2012 (Deep): Oct. 22-26 @ Las Vegas; 97 submissions, reviewing in progress.
  • NOF 2012 (Stefano): Nov. 21-23 @ Tunis; submission deadline July 17.
  • IEEE CLOUDNET 2012 (Stefano): Nov. 28-30 @ Paris; submission deadline July 8. Stefano presented the conference and the strong ITC involvement since its inception. The conference is now an IEEE ComSoc portfolio conference and will move across the globe in the future. The 2012 event will have an outstanding keynote panel with Radia Perlman on L2 vs L3 routing, Charlie Kaufman on Cloud VM mobility and security, Tarik Taleb on mobile Cloud Networking. Nominations for further keynotes are solicited.

5. Special Interest Groups. Novel Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are presented.

  • Internet of Things: Neuman de Souza from UFC takes care of the SIG. On behalf of ITC, Neuman is working toward a special session and a special issue for the IEEE Sensors conference and journal.
  • Cloud Networking: Dijiang from ASU and José Maria from HP take care of the SIG that will have as reference activity the IEEE CloudNet conference series.
  • Locator/Identifier Separation: Luigi Iannone is responsible for the SIG and will report back relevant advancements thanks to his current role of IETF’s LISP WG secretary.
  • Information-Centric Networking: Mayutan from NEC is responsible for the SIG and will report back on advancements from many EU FP7 projects and the IRTF’s ICN RG.

It is recalled that SIGs are opened to animate the ITC community, especially when there is a clear related activity such as conferences, workshops, special issues, standardization, large research projects. Reference persons for SIGs can be solicited by in-scope events asking ITC endorsement for TCS. Proposal for novel SIGs are welcome by email to ITC_Officers AT, describing the topic relevance for ITC, providing a short-bio of the proposer(s), and presenting related relevant on-going activities.


6. Publication activities and Other business. Recent SIs that circulated on the list are synthetically presented: a SI on Cloud Service Management on TNSM, a SI on Cloud computing assessment on TDSC and an SI on Future Internet testbed on Computer Networks. More details are present in the presentation slides linked below.

7. Next meeting: possibly held at GC’12, a notice will follow on the ML.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 1 pm.

Presentation slides

(minutes prepared by Stefano Secci, Internet TC Secretary)