Xiaoming Fu (chair, UGoettingen, Germany), Jaime Lloret Mauri (vice-chair, UPV, Spain), Houbing Song (UVirginia, USA), Deep Medhi (UMKC, USA), Joel Rodriguez (IT/UBI, Portugal), Juan Lloret (UPV, Spain), Stefano Secci (secretary, UPMC, France).

1. Introduction and welcome: Jaime opened the meeting at 7:30.

2. Approval of minutes: the minutes of the meeting from Globecom 2010 were reviewed and approved unanimously.

3. Jaime presented a report summarizing a number of items:

  • Presentation of the new officers
  • Report on the officers election, conducted by Internet as of ITC bylaws.
    Details:registered voters = 31; votes received before the deadline = 28; number of votes required (>2/3) = 21; valid votes received: 28 (for chair), 27 (for vice-chair), 27 (for secretary). There was a tie for the Chair position after using IRV, which was then resolved by a Final Runoff election. The initial voting was conducted during October 25 – November 1. After the tie, the final runoff voting was conducted during November 3 – 5, 2011.
  • Report on new Internet TC endorsements of non-IEEE conferences (just one after the election): ITC 2012, Krakow, Poland, with the following ITC representatives: Andrzej Jajszczyk as General Chair, Deep Medhi as TPC member, Prosper Chemouil as Steering Commitee Chair and TPC member
  • Report on GI 2011: 35 submissions, 14 accepted => 40% acceptance.
    36% from Europe, 47% from North America, 16% from Asia
  • Report on the Internet TC representatives selected for ICC ’12 (Kurt Tutschku, UVienna, Austria) and GC’12 (James Sterbenz).
  • Publications Activities: propositions for journal special issues to be supported by the ITC are welcome. Discussion about the opportunity to establish a newsletter of the TC, to be discussed with the community and reported back at the next meeting.
  • Usage of the ML for interaction with the community: a discussion about good practices of the Internet TC has taken place. Deep and Xiaoming recalled the good practices specific to the Internet TC, which differ from the practices of other ComSoc TCs often strictly related to presence at physical meetings. In short, the usage of Internet should be the base for most of the communications. As stated in the ITC P&P document: “As a committee promoting the ubiquitous use of the Internet, this TC conducts most of its business via the Internet, leveraging its mailing list, Web pages and other means. Meetings at ICC, Globecom or Infocom complement these online activities”.
  • Representative propositions for next ICC/GCs: GC’13 (Marcelo Bagnulo Braun, UC3M, Spain). For ICC’14 and GC’14, we are currently soliciting nominations (self nominations are accepted). A call for nominations will follow on the ML. Nominations should be sent to ITC officers (itc_officers ‘AT’
  • Call for nominations for the Internet TC Liaison to the ComSoc Standards board: as already announced in the ML, we are receiving nominations
    (self nominations are accepted) for the ITC Liason to the Comsoc standards board. Deadline: December 15th, 2011. Nominations should be sent to: ITC_Officers ‘AT’
  • ITC P&P document update: Stefano described the two changes to the ITC policy document (management of ties in IRV, and composition of the GI steering commitee). The changes are approved.
  • Next Internet TC meeting: will be held during ICC’12, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Cloud Communications and Networking: we are currently receiving nominations for an ITC liason officer for this novel ad-hoc committee. A message will call for nominations on the ML. If you are interested, please send a short note to the officers (itc_officers ‘AT’ explaining your interest and involvement in
    cloud computing (especially Internet communications and networking issues, as you’ll be representing Internet TC). Please include a recent resume/CV as an attachment or link.

4. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45am.

(minutes taken by Stefano Secci, Internet TC Secretary)