Jorg Liebeherr, Michal Pioro, Wojciech Kabacinski, Deep Medhi, Farid Farahmand, Joel Rodrigues, Guy Omidyar, Marcus Brunner, Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Arjan Durresi, Hsiao-Hwa Chen, Maria Luisa Merani, Moon Ho Lee

1. Introduction & welcome: The new ITC chair Deep Medhi opened the meeting at 12:20.

2. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the meeting from Globecom 2006 were reviewed and approved by appraisal.

3. Meeting cycle of Internet TC meeting: Deep Medhi set a goal for the TC to have at least 2 meetings per year. He suggested Infocom and Globecom as the targets. The rationale for Infocom is that the flagship workshop of the ITC (Global Internet) takes place at Infocom. A discussion followed to encourage holding meetings outside the US. The Euro NGI meetings were suggested as a possible venue in Europe. ICC2008 was also suggested as a possible venu. (Later in the meeting, Guy Omidyar brought up that no vote was taken on the time and place of the next meeting. In response, it was noted that the presented meeting schedule was presented as a target by the new officers. If there is disagreement then a discussion should be extended to the entire ITC membership via the mailing list.)

4. Technical Committee re-certification: The ITC was put on probation by the ComSoc recertification committee. The previous ITC chair, Markus Hofmann, has addressed all issues, including a new website with updated information. Markus has submitted an extensive report to the recertification committee. Markus Hofmann was commended and thanked for his efforts.

(Addendum: The recertificaiton committee met later in the day. The chair of the committee, Sergion Benedetto, will recommend recertication of the ITC to the Board of Governors).

5. Discussion of ComSoC endorsement of conference/workshop co-sponsorship: Deep Medhi presented the workshops and symposia that are co-sponsored by ITC. The list of conferences and the names of representatives are available on the ITC website. There was a discussion on the role of the TC representative for co-sponsored symposia at Globecom and ICC, and the need for the representative to attend organizational meetings of Globecom/ICC.

6. Distinguished Speaker Series: There is a December 15 deadline for nominations for the ComSoc distinguished speaker series. Please send your nomination to ITC chair.

7. Evolution of the Internet and the role of InternetTC: Deep Medhi led a brief discussion on raising the awareness of ITC among relevant bodies around the Internet, e.g., GENI, FIND, IRTF, FP7, and others.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 1:27pm.

(Minutes taken by J. Liebeherr, vice-chair, Internet TC)