Xiaoming Fu (U. Göttingen),
Sanaa Sharafeddine (Lebanese American U.),
Tarik Taleb (NEC Europe),
Damla Turgut (U. Central Florida),
Melik Erol-Kantarci (U. Ottawa),
Adel Ben Mnaouer (Canadian Univ. of Dubai),
Markus Fiedler (Blekinge Inst. of Technology),
Rami Langar (UPMC),
Rui L. Aguiar (U. Aveiro),
Deep Medhi (UMKC),
Roberto Rojas-Cessa (NJIT), Shiwen Mao (Auburn U.),
Xiaojiang Du (Temple U.),
Jun Zheng (Southeast U..),
Cheng Li (Memorial U..), Baoxian Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences),
Stefano Giordano (U. Pisa),
Joel Rodrigues (U. Beira Interior),
Tiffany Jing Li (Lehigh U.)
Peter Müller (IBM Zurich Research Lab),
Guoliang Xue (ASU),
Jaime Lloret Mauri (Polytechnic Univ. of Valencia),
Periklis Chatzimisios (Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki),
Ramon Sanchez Iborra (U. Politec. of Cartagena),
Burak Kantarci (U. Ottawa),
Weider Yu (San Jose State U.). Remote:
Stefano Secci (UPMC).

1. Welcome: Xiaoming opened the meeting.

2. ITC brief overview. ITC member number has increased steadily in the past few years (from ~430 of 2010 Q2, to ~640 by 2013 Q2).

3. ICC 2012 ITC meeting minutes: approved.

4. An ITC best paper award has been established. Deep chaired the selection committee for 2012-2014; two other committee members are Jorg Liebeherr (U Toronto) and Lixin Gao (UMass), aiming at choosing the best papers published in one of the ITC endorsed conferences/workshops in the past year upon nominations. The selection committee is currently evaluating the nominations and results will be announced in a later time. The awardees shall be able to receive the badge by Globecom 2013.

5. IEEE Global Internet Symposium, ITC flagship event. The GI Steering Committee (GISC) has now a new composition: the chair is the ITC chair, and there is one representative from each of the last 3-4 GIs. Previous GISC members’ efforts are highly appreciated, and the new GISC is in operation; nominations for 17th GI chairs are open and can be sent to 16th edition of IEEE GI has been held in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM 2013 this April in Turin. While GI’13 received and selected quite good papers, the participation number was not high. The reason might be due to the high registration fee (membership advanced registration fee for the single day workshop/symposium was ~600€). Larry Xue mentioned that as a ComSoc conference VP candidate, he will strive to reduce the registration rate to an acceptable level. Some attendees also suggested whether to separate GI from INFOCOM as an independent event or in conjunction with another event. It will be considered and discussed within the GISC.

6. Other recently ITC-endorsed events included Globecom 2012 NGNI, ICC 2014 NGNI, Globecom 2014 NGN and CSS. Nominated persons and statistics were exposed. ITC has nominated candidates for ICC 2015 and is welcoming nominations for Globecom 2015.

7. After the 1st edition in Paris, IEEE CloudNet 2013 is organized in San Francisco (ITC-represented by general chair Deep Medhi, TPC co-chair Xiaoming Fu etc.). The conference received 70+ submissions and currently in the review stage; industry track papers are envisioned. A discussion took place about the dates of future CLOUDNET events, that shall be set 1-2 months ahead of GLOBECOM.

8. ITC 2013, as reported by one of its ITC representatives Markus Fiedler, received 91 submissions and accepted 32 full papers and 7 posters, reaching an acceptance rate of 32/91 = 35%.

9. Other events included NOF 2013 and SACONET 2013. Relevant statistics were reported

10. Several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were created in 2012, and latest reports are all online in ITC webpage. With an initial aim of launching SIG-specific journal special issues, involving in related conferences/workshops and/or standardization and other collaborative efforts representing interests to ITC members, the SIGs have been felt as a useful means to raise ITC community awareness. For example, some SIGs can choose to issue recommended reading lists discussions in the ITC list or respective SIG lists, and contribute to the TAC and the wider ComSoc community for recommendation. Volunteers are solicited to actively participate/lead these SIG activities. Rui Aguiar volunteers to take over the lead of the IoT SIG.

11. Standards. ITC Standardization representative Periklis Chatzimisios mentioned the standardization in ComSoc has been very active; ITC vice chair Jaime Lloret Mauri is currently actively involved in IEEE 1907.1 standardization activities. ITC liaison to IRTF/ISOC Luigi Iannone has provided extensive information on the latest development within IRTF/ISOC. Reports are regularly posted online in the ITC website.

12. ITC officer elections: the term of current ITC officer slate will be ending this November/December. Nomination and election committee will be formed in the coming weeks and announced in the mailing list.

13. ITC recertification: the private feedback from TAC chair was positive; the official recert notification will be available in the coming few weeks.

14. Adjourn

Presentation slides

(minutes prepared by Xiaoming Fu)