Time: 6-7 PM CEST (12-1 pm EDT, 9-10am PDT)

E-meeting by Gotomeeting


Dung Chi Phung (Université Pierre & Marie Curie), Egemen Cetinkaya (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Prosper Chemouil (Orange Labs), Rui Aguiar (Universidade de Aveiro), Stefano Secci (Université Pierre & Marie Curie) and Michele Nogueira (Federal Univ. of Paraná & Carnegie Mellon Univ.).


Stefano Secci opened the meeting. He explained the importance of the meeting and presented its agenda.

  1. ITC introduction
  • Introduction of the new officers elected on December 2015 (next election Fall 2017): Stefano Secci (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France); Vice-Chair: Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University, USA); Secretary: Michele Nogueira (Federal Univ. of Paraná, Brazil).
  • Overview on ITC community: About 769 members after cleaning up the list (removed: duplicates, conference emails, no longer valid emails).
  1. ICC 2015 ITC meeting minutes: approved.
  1. ITC Best Paper Award: Nominations due to July 31st, to be requested by Deep Medhi on the ITC mailing list.
  1. Report on the 2015 ITC elections. Election Committee composed by JL Mauri, Xiaoming Fu and Deep Medhi. Candidates: (1) Pascal Lorenz and Stefano Secci ran for chair; (2) Dijiang Huang, Joel Rodrigues ran for vice-chair; (3) Michele Nogueira and Sandra Sendra ran for secretary. Eligible voters registered: 67. Voters: 47 > 2/3 67. Results:
    • Chair:
      Pascal Lorenz: 8 votes
      Stefano Secci: 39 votes
    • Vice-Chair
      Dijiang Huang: 33
      Joel Rodrigues: 11
    • Secretary:
      Michele Nogueira: 37
      Sandra Sendra: 10
  1. Report on the Active Membership Survey. Last TC recertification committee (TCRC) requested in 2013 a definition for ITC “Active Membership”. Discussions were held on physical meeting and a long discussion by the ITC mailing list. New ITC officers came out with two basic proposals merging the proposals of the meetings and even enlarging the scope of eligibility. After further discussions, the two proposals were merged as a single one: Option A (statement below). Discussions on the mailing list lead to another proposal that is meant to represent the current policy: Option B (statement below).

Option A: An ITC Member is considered as an Active Member if he/she has been Ordinary Member for at least the last six months and at least one of the following conditions is met for the last two years:

  • has attended (physically present or by teleconference or via electronic means for virtual TC meetings) at least one of the regularly scheduled ITC meetings;
  • has served as a Technical Program Committee (TPC) or Organization Committee (OC) member for ITC endorsed or supported conferences and workshops (listed in the ITC activity page);
  • has served as an editorial board member or editorial advisory board member for IEEE Communications Society journals and magazines directly in the scope of ITC, namely IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking and IEEE Network Magazine;
  • has served as chair, vice-chair or secretary of an IETF working group or an IRTF research group.

Option B: An ITC Member is an Active Member if he/she has been Ordinary Member for at least the last six months.

For both options: An Active Member is eligible to vote if he/she responds positively to a registration request at least 1 month before an election.

An electronic anonymous voting process was put in place stating the two options and tokens to have been sent out to ITC mailing list. Results:

  • We had 715 valid tokens: member list subscribers registered by Feb. 1st, 2016, and still registered on Feb. 25th, 2016, excluding 27 no longer active email addresses. Used tokens: 150 (21%).
  • First, it was surveyed if the member accept to choose one active membership option.
    • Yes: 142 (95%)
    • No: 8 (5%)
  • For those who accepted to choose an option, results are:
    • Option A: 45 (32%)
    • Option B: 97 (68%)
  • Bias/error: 9
    • 7 persons registered with two emails and voting twice
    • 2 tokens associated to emails that are not linked to physical persons (publicity alias etc)
    • Not relevant for both questions

After voting, the Option B has been chosen as definition of active membership.

  1. P&P update. P&P document was sent on the mailing list before the meeting requesting comments and suggestions. Stefano presented where the P&P has been updated. Basically, the major changes are regarding to the active member definition. Two paragraphs related to the ITC-IRTF liaison and SIGs were updated during the meeting.
  1. Standard liaison: Periklis Chatzimisios renewed for the 2 more years. ITC-IRTF Liaison to be renewed early 2017.
  1. Website: moved to WordPress ComSoc platform as per ComSoc request.
  2. Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Two closed SIGs: CLOUDNET and IOT, whose scope is now well covered by other ComSoc- and IEEE-level activities. Two new SIGs: NMA and NETGAMES, whose activity is very high in the frame of workshops endorsed by IEEE/ComSoc/ITC.
  1. IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: Call for Nominations forthcoming, due Sept. 2016.
  1. ComSoc Student competition: ITC member nomination  forthcoming.
  1. Outstanding Service and Early Career Awards: nominations due May 31, 2016
  1. ITC Conference Endorsments. ITC 2016; IEEE Sarnoff 2016; Cloudification of the Internet of Things (CIOT) 2016; NOF 2016 and NETGAMES 2016.
  1. Other Comments: Rui and Prosper expressed disappointment about the low attendance to the e-meeting. The main issue with e-meetings is time difference (maybe too late for Europe). Moreover ICC’16 was running in Kuala Lumpur, Asia was not covered. Stefano stressed the importance to formally have one meeting before June 2016 to update the P&P document before the upcoming recertification.
  1. Adjourn

(Minutes Taken by M. Nogueira, Secretary, Internet TC)