Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University), Periklis Chatzimisios Alexander (Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki), Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar (Instituto de Telecomunicações), Kunpeng Liu (George Mason University), Kurt Tutschku (University of Vienna), Ioannis Papapanagiotou (Purdue University), Houbing Song (West Virginia University), Deep Medhi (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Michele Nogueira (Universidade Federal do Paraná), Stefano Secci (University Pierre and Marie Curie – Paris 6), and Jaime Lloret Mauri (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia).

1. Welcome: Dijiang opened the meeting.

2. ITC Introduction. Presentation of newly elected officers: Jaime Lloret Mauri (Chair), Stefano Secci (Vice Chair), Dijiang Huang (Secretary). ITC member number has increased steadily in the past few years. 670+ members by 2013 Q4.

3. ICC 2013 ITC meeting minutes: approved.

4. 2012 ITC best paper award.
2012-2014 best paper award committee: Deep Medhi, Jorg Liebeherr, and Lixin Gao.
The 2012 ITC best paper selected by the committee is announced:

Pull versus Push Mechanism in Large Distributed Networks: Closed Form Results

by Wouter Minnebo (University of Antwerp, Belgium); Benny Van Houdt (University of Antwerp, Belgium), presented at the 2012 International Teletraffic Congress.

5. Endorsed conferences and symposiums – updates: the endorsed conferences informations and statistics were reviewed, including: IEEE Global Internet Symposium, IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICC, ITC, IEEE CloudNet, NOF, NETGAMES, IEEE SDN4FNS. There are two pending endorsements.
The nominated persons for ICC’15 are:
for the Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium, Shiwen Mao, Auburn University, USA;
for the Communications Software and Services Symposium, Periklis Chatzimisios, Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dr. Jun Bi (Tsinghua University, China) is suggested to the TPC co-chairs as another symposium co-chair. Finally, as ITC has been long actively involved in cloud related activities (e.g., IEEE CloudNet) it was proposed a name for a special area track proposal on Cloud Networks:  José Neuman de Souza, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil.
Stefano is chairing a track in the GLOBECOM 2014’s SAC symposium on Cloud Networks – submissions are solicited.
More details are in the attached slides.

6. ITC Special Interest Group (SIG). The status of current SIGs was reviewed, they are:
Cloud Networking (CNET – Resp.: Jose M. Alcaraz Calero) – Dijiang stepped out due to its new role;
Locator/Identifier Separation (LIS – Resp.: Luigi Iannone);
Internet of Things (IoT – Resp.: Rui Aguiar);
Information-Centric Networking (ICN – Resp.: Mayutan Arumaithurai).

Currently, after TC recertification committee’ recommendations, each SIG’s responsible should establish a webpage reporting activities related to the SIG. The LIS and ICN SIG have already a basic one online that will be enriched closely with more recent activities and reports. The other ones are under preparation. Deep Medhi raised a sustainability issue: the website should be hosted behind a ComSoc server to avoid loosing traces.
Periklis Chatzimisios proposed a new SIG on Smart Cities, and will prepare a detailed proposal. Stefano suggested to submit a website as part of the proposal. Jaime mentioned that a one page website will be sufficient to show the activities.

7. Publications. Jaime raised the opportunity to establish a new IEEE ComSoc journal on Internet topics. Discussions took place on the form to concretize the idea so as to differentiate from new journals from existing ones.

8. Standards activity. Reminded the current Standards-related appointed roles: ISOC/IRTF – ITC Liaison Luigi Iannone, and IEEE ComSoc Standards board ITC liason, Periklis Chatzimisios. A report summarizing 2013 IRTF activities as just been posted by Luigi and is available here, underlining the excellent quality, and value of these reports for the ITC commnunity.
It was also reminded the SubCommittee on Cloud Communications and Networking’s ITC representatives: Dijiang Huang and José Maria Alcaraz Caleiro, with no particular activity to report apart recent details on IEEE CloudNet 2013 already reported.

9. ITC Recertification. ITC is recertified for the next three years.
The received report has been presented:

a. Please define criteria for an active member, and provide a count of the active members:

ACTION: a proposition will be done on the mailing list. Various mentioned possible criteria were: participation to the TPC of endorsed conferences, conference attendance, participation to ITC activities, attendance to ITC meeting, etc..

b. Discuss change the wording where necessary (e.g., page 1 of the P&Ps), change sponsor to endorse.

DONE. New P&P has been posted here.

c. The TC should have a link on the ISOC homepage to the SIG page.

ACTION: the ITC officers will check with Henning Schulzrinne to determine the right speaker within ISOC.

d. Establishment of the Career and Service Award.

ACTION: The ITC officers will identify one person to form the career and service award committee in the upcoming months.

e. Other Comments included reasonable suggestions to include new topics in ITC activities. In particular, one suggestion was on take position on “the role of the Internet in software defined networks”: since the suggestion was not clearly understood, Jaime will get back in touch with the referees for more details.


10. ITC mailing list. There were suggestions to have separate mailing list for non-CFP purposes. The officers will investigate on this possibility and will qualify on the current load’s characteristics on the ITC mailing list.

11. Adjourn.


Presentation slides

(minutes prepared by Dijiang Huang)