The 21st IEEE Global Internet Symposium took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, on April 16, 2018, in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM 2018.

There were 20 papers submitted to the symposium.  Seven papers were accepted resulting in an acceptance ratio of 35%. This acceptance ratio is in line compared to previous years and relatively low compared to some other INFOCOM workshops, making GI a competitive symposium. In almost all cases, each paper received reviews from five TPC members. There were 23 internationally well-known TPC members, so the review load was not excessive.

At the conference, the GI 2018 program was presented in a morning session of a day of workshops before the main Infocom conference began. The morning began with a keynote presentation by Professor Sonia Fahmy from Purdue University, USA.  The accepted papers were organized into two technical sessions.  After the two sessions were completed, a “best of workshop presentation award” was given to Kristian Hiorth, the presenter of the paper “ctrlTCP: Reducing Latency through Coupled, Heterogeneous Multi-Flow TCP Congestion Control,” authored by Safiqul Islam, Michael Welzl and Kristian A. Hiorth (Univ of Oslo, Norway); David Hayes (Simula Research Lab, Norway); Grenville Armitage (Swinburne Univ of Technology, Australia); and Stein Gjessing (Univ of Oslo & Simula Research Lab, Norway).

Overall, we are happy with this year’s GI symposium and believe it was a success in terms of the quality of the final program.  We also believe we continued to maintain the overall reputation of the symposium built over more than 20 years.  One suggestion for the future is that the symposium needs to be revitalized and refocused to create more appeal.

Finally, we would like to thank the work of everyone involved who made the workshop a success, from the local student volunteers to the TPC, to the rest of the organizing committee, to the steering committee. Without their work and dedication, the symposium would not have been possible.

[Report submitted by Xenofontas Dimitropoulos and Kevin C. Almeroth, Co-Chairs GI 2018]