The following information is provided for conferences, workshops, and meetings seeking the endorsement of the IEEE/ISOC Internet Technical Committee (ITC) to obtain the Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS) from the IEEE Communications Society. All information is subject to existing constraints of the IEEE, notably as requiring the submission of proper paperwork. Further  requirements are on the conferences section of the
IEEE ComSoc Web site

ITC Endorsement for IEEE ComSoc TCS: Steps

  1. Submit the event information to, with:
    – a CFP file or webpage link with any useful information;
    – brief description of the event technical focus and list of Internet-related topics;
    – submission, acceptance and attendance statistics about the past three occurrences (when applicable).
    – the names and emails of three ITC members in the conference organization committees or TPC. The ITC officers can help in selecting the ITC members. Note that if the TCS will be granted, one ITC member will be nominated as the contact point for checking the progress and providing a final report to ComSoc.Note that the presence of three ITC members in the committees does not guarantee the ITC endorsement.
    Quality criteria for endorsement include:
    – statistics of previous occurrences;
    – international scope of the event, international contributions during past occurrences, international composition of the committees;
    – centrality of the Internet in the event scope;
    – event schedule not competing with IEEE ComSoc events.
  2. Only if ITC officers confirm the endorsement, include Internet TC as endorsing TC in the TCS application ( officers will have to confirm the endorsment to ComSoc.
  3. If TCS is granted by the IEEE Communications Society:
    – notify the ITC officers about any significant changes to the sponsorship application;
    – indicate ITC endorsement on the primary meeting web pages, the proceedings, and other promotional material;
    – mention the ITC at the meeting, and point out the ITC representative(s) (if present), and provide (or allow the TC rep to provide) a very brief description of the TC and how to join it.


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