Deep Medhi (chair),
Nirmala Shenoy, Hai Link, Joel Rodrigues, Pascal Lorenz, Lisong Xue, Dijiang Huang, Tarek El-Bawab, Jamie Lloret, Cristina Pascual, Kohei Shiomoto, Changcheng Huang, Brendan Jennigs, Luigi Fratta, Farid Nait-Absesselam. Kui Wu, Rolland Vida, Xiaolin (Andy) li, Yachin Ghamri Doudrine, Csaba Simou, Mehmet Toy, Sorfiene Dtahel, Mohamed Hamdi, Dmidi Nomo, David Du, Yingfei Dong, Yibu Xue.

  • Introduction, The TC chair Deep Medhi, opened the meeting at 7:30am
  • Approval of minutes, meeting minutes is approved by the attendees.
  • Discuss the Officers’ election of ITC in fall 2011
  • Introduction of the structure of IEEE, ComSoc, and TAC (Technical Activities Council)
  • TC Re-certification (, ITC is recertified in 2011
  • Role of ITC, support Global Internet Symposium, Globecom/ICC: Next Generation of Networking and Internet Symposium
  • List of representation in recent/future Globecom/ICC
  • Discussion of Non-IEEE conferences: role of TC in technical co-sponsorship
  • ITC membership (430 members), no limits and anyone can join.
  • Open issues to discuss:
    – How is the chair of Internet TC? Does the vice-chair automatically become the chair? – No, a nomination committee is formed; the new Chair and co-chair will be elected from nominations received and after election. Previous chairs is a consultant for the new chair, as needed. Chair’s term is 2 years (but not more than 4 years). Globecom 2011 will have the new chair to host ITC meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:35am.

(Minutes taken by Dijiang Huang, on behalf of Internet TC)