Deep Medhi, Jorg Liebeherr (by phone), Marcus Brunner, Malathi Veeraraghavan, Jaafar Gaber, Stefan Schmid, John Ragan (by phone), Harry Skianis, Xiaoming Fu, Brendon Jennings, Debashis Saha, Victor O.K. Li, Young-Tak Kim, Prodromos Makris, Guy Omidyar.


1. Introduction & welcome: The ITC chair Deep Medhi opened the meeting at 12:00.

2. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the meeting from Globecom 2007 were reviewed and approved unanimously.

3. ITC Chair presented a report summarizing a number of items:

  • Where and how Internet TC fits into administrative structure of ComSoc: it’s part of ComSoc Technical Activities Council (TAC), reporting to VP of Technical
  • Technical Committee re-certification: Internet TC was re-certified as of the previous Globecom.
  • Global Internet Symposium: This is the flagship event of Internet TC, held in conjunction with INFOCOM every year. The Chair reported on GI 2008, and informed that the TPC co-chairs for GI 2009 have been selected by the GI Steering Committee.
  • Reported that the GI Steering Committee went through a change during the year. In May 2008, two new members replaced two who desired to step down. Furthermore, the Chair of ITC was added as an ex-officio member of the GI Steering Committee.
  • Reported on the recent conference sponsorship activities for the two main events: Globecom and ICC, and representatives chosen for upcoming events. The represented are listed at the ITC web-site.
  • Mailing list for ITC: There seems to be many non-desirable addresses in the list (causing spam), but didn’t know how to handle fixed this at this point.


4. Due to a recent request regarding ComSoc’s “encouragement” for TCs to be active in standards activities, the Chair brought up this as a discussion item. During the discussion, it became clear that Internet TC, being a joint committee of the Internet Society, is by default is part of standardization effort because of IETF, and thus, no further action is necessary.

5. A discussion on co-sponsoring events with Technical Committee on Computer Communication (TCCC) such as the Computer Communication Workshop (CCW) took place, but no specific resolution was taken at the meeting.

6. It was discussed that Future Internet is a hot topic, and ITC needs to take lead in sponsoring events.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 1:27pm.

(Minutes taken by Marcus Brunner, on behalf of Internet TC)