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Current Officers

Mountain View Mountain View Mountain View


Stefano Secci
LIP6 – University Pierre and Marie Curie, France


Dijiang Huang
Arizona State University, USA


Michele Nogueira
Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

The officers listed above were elected in December 2015.

Additional Roles

ITC officers appoint the following roles:

ITC representative:
Luigi Iannone (Telecom ParisTech, France).

IEEE ComSoc Committee on Cloud Communications and Networking
ITC representatives:
Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University, USA),
José Maria Alcaraz Caleiro (HP labs, UK)

IEEE ComSoc Standards board
ITC liason:
Periklis Chatzimisios (Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece).

Past Chairs

   2013-2015: Jaime Lloret Mauri (Chair), Stefano Secci (Vice-Chair)
   2011-2013: Xiaoming Fu (Chair), Jaime Lloret Mauri (Vice-Chair)
   2007-2011: Deep Medhi (Chair), Jörg Liebeherr (Vice-Chair)
   2004-2007: Markus Hofmann (Chair), Dinesh Verma(Vice-Chair)
   2000-2004: Joe Touch (Co-Chair), Chuck Kalmanek (Co-Chair)
   1994-2000: Henning Schulzrinne

The TCs handle the elections on their own, with the VP-Technical Activities approving the newly-elected TC officers (per the ComSoc Bylaws).

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